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E-Bike Repairs

Electric bikes with mid drive or hub drive motors both pose their own unique problems when it comes to maintenance and wear and tear. Electrical components and controllers can short circuit, brush style motors can wear down and lose power and resiliency and eventually need replacing over time. Luckily, these are problems that can be solved.
Repair and Run offers full servicing and replacements on electrical components, lights, controllers, PAS sensors (pedal assist sensor), throttles, LCD displays,  head units and more.


We are proud to offer electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting of  ALL MAKES AND MODELS of electric bikes.Our professional technicians are trained to repair electrical failures relating to a wide variety of common as well as more complex issues. Our technicians are trained in service, and are certified by Bosch and Shimano’s S-tech specialty training program.

Tune Up

Electric bicycles compared to push bicycles take slightly more maintenance as they encompass many mechanical moving parts, motors and electrical systems that often fail – As do all electronics over time, which need replacing.


Electric bikes are designed to help you go faster and farther, making cycling in general more enjoyable – Meaning these types of bikes are taken on longer rides or cruises, collecting many kilometers along the way. These mechanical components are under higher levels of stress from the power and torque of the motor, creating more wear and tear on chains, cassettes, and wheels that may require service more frequently based on the high kilometer ranges that these bikes travel.


eGEARZ is a new proud Canadian company that is focused on creating a more sustainable future by providing high quality electric bicycles (otherwise known as “E-bikes” or “LEV” Light Electric Vehicle).


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